Below is a small selection of cars that were used by the Factory team on world championship events. Works cars can be researched further. If there is a car you are interested in please contact us.

Chassis 1580 TO N98792 was built for the Factory Alitalia team for Raffaele Pinto to use for the start of the 1977 season at the Monte Carlo Rally. However before this the car appeared at the 1976 Giro D'Italia with Pinto and Bernacchini in the Group 5 Turbo specification. The car was then reliveried in the Pirelli livery for Walter Rohrl at the Sachs Winter Rally in 1978. The upcoming Italian Attilio Bettega drove the car at the 1978 Tour De Corse. The cars last World Championship appearance was with Fulvio Bacchelli at the 1979 Monte Carlo Rally.

Chassis 1868 TO N14329 was built for Bernard Darniche  for most of the 1976 season. Darniche used the car at the following events, Monte Carlo, Rallye d’Antibes, Tour De Corse, Critérium de Touraine, San Martino di Castrozza, Rally 4 Regioni in 1976. Darniche used a mixture of Stratos's through out this era and often rented the car to other drivers like Michele Mouton at the 1978 Monte Carlo Rally. In 1977 Darniche used the car at the Criterium Alpin, and Ypres. In 1978 he only used the car for Portuguese round of the World Rally Championship. In 1979 the car was used for the Acropolis and Rally Portugal and Darniche repeated these two events again in 1980.

Chassis 1818 TO L96265 was built for Sandro Munari for selected events in 1975 under the Alitalia sponsor for the last three rounds of the championship. The first event was the Sanremo to which Munari retired. The Tour De Corse was up next and again it was a non finish for Munari after an accident. Typically the RAC was not an event that the Lancia squad liked and unfortuantly Munari crashed out of the 1975 event. For the 1976 season the car was prepared for the Safari Rally with several modifications to the car to cope with the Kenyan roads. The Safari proved too much for this Stratos as Munari retired with Engine problems.

The Lancia Stratos was the first purpose built rally car from the Italian marque that went on to win three manufacturers titles, a feat that was not beaten until the Integrale. The Stratos was styled by none other than Marcello Gandini of Bertone, who created the iconic wedge shape of the Stratos. The car was powered by a 2.4L Ferrari V6 in both the Stradale and Corsa versions of the car. The Group 4 version produced 280bhp and the car underwent different bodywork variations in its time. The early cars ran without a rear spoiler giving the car a more clean look at the cost of rear grip. For 1975 the rear spoiler was introduced along with the start of the Iconic Alitalia sponsorship. In the hands of the works drivers and privateers the car began on an incredible string of successes including 18 WRC victories and three world championships. The Stratos remains one of the most recognisable rally cars of all time.

Chassis Numbers and History

Chassis 1524 TO L65176 was first used by Sandro Munari on the 1974 Sanremo rally which he went on to win to give the stratos its first WRC victory. Munari also used the car on the Rally of the Rideau Lakes, Press On Regardless Rally, and the Tour De Corse in 1974 all in Marlboro colours. In 1975 the car was used again by Munari at the Monte Carlo and the Rally 4 Regioni. Simo Lampinen then used the car on its final WRC appearance at the 1976 Swedish Rally.