Lancia Mazinga

In 1983 the third 037 prototype was used to create Mazinga named after a cartoon monster. Mazinga carried an early SE038 (Delta S4) engine with the Turbo and Volumex producing 700bhp to the rear wheels only. This prototype was purely about the engine and the chassis, with the mechanical work being left purely as a 037 prototype. This was done so they could get the twin charging concept onto the La Mandria test track so gain an understanding of how the car would work under various conditions. The main goals of this testing were to see how the car would drive and also the cooling especially of the compressed air and engine oil. The rear wing which had the function of creating a very high downforce, but also designed to push air in to the engine bay for the two intercoolers. This proved to be a step in the right direction for the Lancia/Abarth squad. Mazinga first moved under its own power in July of 1983. The two stage intercooler was also used on this version of the car hence the new rear clamshell to house the engine. This would also later be seen on the SE038 prototype cars.