2016 - A Big Thank You

Exactly 25 years ago today (18 December 2016) Lancia pulled out of the WRC as an official manufacturer with immediate effect, Auriol and Kankkunen would continue with Martini racing for the 1992 season with backing from Jolly Club with guest drivers from Bulgalski, Aghini and Waldegard for selected events which was enough for Lancia to win the manufacturers title for the last time.



2016, what a year it has been. First of all I would like to thank all our followers from around the world who love Lancia as much as we do. From launching the website back in July we have had a great year meeting new people in the flesh and over the internet but don't worry 2017 has a lot in store. We aim to cover more events, our followers cars and hopefully we will be lucky enough to achieve our goal of experiencing the cars we dream about. But for now Happy New Year.