The Lancia 037 was the first Group B car built by the Italian team. The car was a successor to the highly successful Stratos which won three world titles. The car was introduced at the 1982 Costa Smeralda Rally with cars two but they both retired with gearbox issues. The car produced 265bhp in its opening events until with the aid of water injection the engine was boosted to 300bhp. The rest of 1982 was a development year to remove all the issues with the car and as a result the Lancia team hit the ground running in 1983 despite a large amount of retirements in 1982. With Walter Rohrl and Markku Alen at the wheel for the 1983 season, the Monte Carlo Rally was a sign of things to come with Rohrl winning and Alen finishing in second. Rohrl only did selected events that he enjoyed but that was enough for the car beat the Audi Quattro to the Constructors title in 1983. As a result it was the last rear wheel drive car to win a Constructors title in the WRC. For 1984 Lancia introduced a second evolution model with power up to 325bhp, but it was not enough to be a competitive all round package despite winning the Tour De Corse Rally with Alen. The 037 had a lot of success in regional championships with Miki Biasion winning the European Rally Championship in 1983, Carlo Capone in 1984 and Dario Cerrato in 1985. 1985 Proved to be a tough year for the Lancia squad. At the Tour De Corse Rally Attilio Bettega was killed when he lost control of his car and hit a tree head on, killing him instantly. His co driver Maurizio Perissinot escaped uninjured .The long awaited replacement, the Delta S4 was not due until the end of the season. The 037 remains today one of the finest Rally cars ever produced and they are still being rallied sucessfully today.

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Chassis 408 - TO W67776

Chassis 178 - TO Y70772 / GE 941679